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The pure crystal clear thermal water is highly mineralised and has a PH of 7.5. It is extremely soft soda water and is odourless leaving your skin feeling nourished and you mind and body relaxed. All pools are emptied, cleaned and refilled each day. Temperatures are adjusted to suit each day and the season ensuring comfortable year long bathing.

Fernland’s Mineral Water

The pleasure of being enveloped in pure thermal waters and the health benefits that it offers is widely recognised.

Hot spring soaking has a long history. Romans and Egyptians used mineral baths for therapeutic purposes as early as 2000 BC. In Europe and Japan doctors use the healing powers of mineral springs to treat a wide range of conditions.

This practice is known as balneology and is very much part of routine medical care. Mineral water flowing constantly through all Fernland Spa pools rises from a deep underground aquifer. It originally fell as rain thousands of years ago, it then seeped deep into the earth where it becomes heated by hot volcanic rock.

As the water interacts with the volcanic rock it becomes heavily laden with minerals, trace elements and ions. The hot water then rises close to the surface and from this source we are able to continuously channel pure water into our pools.

Fernland Spa Mineral Hot Springs have been classified a true mineral spring as assessed by the New Zealand Institute of Geological and Nuclear Science.

Fernland Mineral – Herbal Water is available for purchase from our shop.

CALCIUM Involved in the maintenance of strong bones and teeth, required for blood clotting, nerve and
muscle stimulation.

Maintains correct muscle tone and body fluid balance.


Essential for growth, nourishes muscles and balances body fluids


Balances body fluids.


Required for strong hair and nails. Assists memory cells and stimulates waste through the skin.


Necessary for healthy bone and muscle growth.


Found in blood. Stimulates enzyme activity for energy and metabolism.


Assists in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells. Important for healing and healthy skin.


Builds the quality of blood. It increases resistance to stress and disease.


Necessary for metabolism, assists with fluid balance.


Natural antioxidant essential for tissue elasticity.


Absorption and metabolism of all vitamins. Promotes healthy immune system, wound healing and normal growth.


Found in soft water, enhances Zinc properties.

14 other trace elements i.e : Strontium, Lithium, Bromide, Soluble Phosphate etc..

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